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ZA ZINE: pizza recipes

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All of my secrets gained from making 200 za can now be yours. They said it couldn't be done. I learned to use a new design software to make this zine the shape of the pizza it describes 😎 My dog read it and now she's making pizza too. (Dog not included).

This zine contains pizza recipes. If you want to learn to make and shape the dough, check out the field guide.


These are relatively time-consuming to assemble and ship–I'd appreciate a Crafting Tip if you wouldn't miss a couple bucks \o/

If we're friends or you're a broke pizza fan, don't hesitate to ask me for a coupon code!

I'm happy to give discounts for bulk orders, or send free zines if you want to drop some in your local zine library :D Contact me:


I'm sending these out in batches, about every other week. So don't be alarmed, every sale is going to call itself a "preorder".

I want to print this myself

It's pretty complicated, but you can try it here:


Zine by daiyi

A Distractibility Cartographers production!

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a zine in the shape of a PIZZA!

Za recipes
Disaster avoidance tips
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ZA ZINE: pizza recipes

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