ZA ZINE: pizza recipes [download]

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All of my secrets gained from making 200 za can now be yours. My dog read it and now she's making pizza too. (Dog not included).


This is the pizza recipe zine, it's all about the toppings. If you want to learn to make and shape the dough, check out the field guide.

THIS IS A DOWNLOAD which you must print and assemble yourself. Even with the included documentation, the process is treacherous, so I'm perfectly happy to mail you a copy. If you insist, here's the required tools:

  1. a printer (ideally one that automatically prints double-sided)
  2. a stapler (this zine will not hold together without binding)
  3. beefy scissors (to cut the za shape)


It might feel weird to pay money for some pixels that you're going to do the work to put together yourself anyway, but hear me out. It took me a lot of extra effort to document the steps, add cues to the design so that it's comprehendible to people who aren't me, and to do playtests on real people. If you think the effort I put into making this open source is commendable, you can tip me a coffee :D (Let's be real, I'm putting that shit straight into my retirement fund).


Zine by daiyi

A Distractibility Cartographers production!

  • a PDF to print and assemble a za zine!

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  • Za recipes
  • Disaster avoidance tips
  • Dogs
  • a PDF to print and assemble a za zine!
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  • Za recipes11
  • Disaster avoidance tips2
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ZA ZINE: pizza recipes [download]

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